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How can Jonathan help my sales organization?

From developing a custom sales playbook for your company to building and coaching your teams, advising on strategy, teaching winning sales techniques, and speaking at events, I provide a full range of services to motivate your salespeople, optimize your sales organization, and ensure that your people are ready to deliver on their most important objective - making money for the company.


I offer a variety of package options, as well as custom proposals designed to meet your specific needs and budget. Contact me for a free 30-minute no-obligation phone meeting.  We'll discuss your needs and determine the best way to work together. 

Custom Sales Playbook

How powerful would it be for your sales organization to capture its best practices in a detailed sales playbook that can be shared with new hires and existing reps to maximize their productivity?

Click here to view a sample sales playbook

Through a series of interviews with your sales team and management, I’ll document current best practices and combine these with new techniques from The 40 Best Sales Techniques Ever.  What you’ll receive is a comprehensive guide to selling your solution that will make new reps more productive faster and push existing salespeople to hit even higher levels of achievement and revenue.

While your people are probably employing some of these techniques today, it’s uncommon to be applying all of them at once.  This can be the difference between good and GREAT sales reps.  The Sales Playbook gives your salespeople everything they'll need to sell with an edge and smash their quota.  Benefits include:

  • Improving revenue and results from your existing team

  • Accelerating new hire productivity

  • Standardizing your sales approach around proven best practices

  • Establishing a uniform language and approach to sales

  • Reduce training time

2-day Workshop: Sales Diagnostic

Over a 2-day engagement, I'll review Sales from top to bottom and recommend changes that will lead to better results.  I bring a wealth of experience building high-performance organizations and teams, and I'll ensure that your sales effort is optimized to meet its goals.  Areas of focus include:

  • Identifying new sources of revenue

  • Lead & pipeline generation

  • People: the right teams & resources

  • Sales process

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Forecasting & reporting

  • Sales compensation plans

Speaking Engagements

I’m a frequent speaker at sales kickoffs, conferences, and meetings, and connect with audiences on a personal level as a fellow sales professional with more than 20 years of experience on the front lines of B2B sales.

Whether it’s presenting The 40 Best sales techniques or challenging my audience to change their mindset and the world around them, I make a memorable and lasting impression.  My message to salespeople is to be BOLD and master the best practices that are proven to deliver results.

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